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Jun 10

LPC call from Zliten, June 10

June 10, 2011: LPC call from Zliten resident, current situation in the city.

Earlier today, some of Gaddafi’s goons went to the house of a ‘known’ freedom fighter. They said they wanted to question him so he said OK and said he would tell his family and then go with them peacefully. He re-emerged carrying a gun. He shot a couple of Gaddafi’s men before being killed himself.

Fellow freedom fighters then appeared and the fighting started. They retreated to a large building in the center of the city and were soon beseiged by soldiers. They are still there and right now there is martial law in Zliten. Anyone who goes onto the street will be shot without their allegiance being questioned. Everyone is being held in their homes like prisoners and there is constant gunfire.

Our source managed to reach his family in Zliten and spoke to his sister. They are all terrified and fear what will come next. The forces holding them are the Libyan regular army. They are waiting for the thump on the door as the soldiers are now going door to door and arresting people.

Jun 5

Live call from Misrata, June 5 2011

June 5, 2011, 2:20 am local time: call from Misrata, current situation in the city and area, as well as update from Zliten, recorded live on Libya Alhurra.

English transcript:

Life in Misrata is returning day after day, it is getting better, the basic needs are being provided, inside the city, the medical situation is better. Gas is available, there is a large number of injured who need to be treated outside of Misrata. As for the military situation, the freedom fighters are liberating Misrata, from West, South and East. In Dafniya, it is somewhat calm today. In Karareem area, East of Misrata, some of Gaddafi’s forces advanced, to the Shati’i Al Nakheel, attempting to advance towards that area, fighting continued until mid day. Today, injured were 7, martyred were 4. As far as Tawargha, I do not have many updates from there, as far as airstrikes from NATO coalition. NATO continues to fly overhead Misrata. As for the port, a ship carrying aid has arrived from Benghazi, including emergency aid.

The humanitarian situation in Zlitan is extremely dire, they are under complete siege. They lack basic aids, they need many things. There are large numbers of injured inside Misrata hospital, many of those injured need treatment which can only be provided outside of Misrata and I believe only outside of Libya, since the medical treatments are not available within the hospitals. Gaddafi’s forces’ bombardments have caused severe injuries, since the bombings are short distanced. There are also updates regarding Gaddafi’s forces, that they are using civilian cars and civilian clothing to disguise themselves within the cities.

May 27

News from Tripoli - May 27, 2011

May 27, 2011:

News from Tripoli - A Report to Libya Alhurra TV:

The main concern now is for those with on-going conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes and those on dialysis.  There are next to no medications now. The doctors are really worried because they’re having to prescribe medications which are sometimes quite different from peoples’ usual medication.  Many are not as good (a lot from China) and many people are suffering quite severe side affects, but the alternative is death so they have to put up with them.  They are also having to reduce the doses which again is dangerous. 

Diabetics are suffering because insulin has almost run out. They are having to use insulin out of its use-by date, which is very dangerous.   As for those on dialysis, the doctors are really struggling. They think they wont be able to continue past another couple of weeks and then people WILL start dying. There is no alternative once they are dependent on dialysis.

Ordinary meds are in very short supply too and many chemists in Tripoli are out of many of the basics. To fill a prescritpion now is almost as time-consuming as queueing for fuel.  

Most doctors are only reporting to their hospitals for 2 days duty a week. Again, this puts the inpatients in danger.  Most doctors are very angry with the regime because they say the fuel shortage is what’s keeping them at home and the government has a resposibility to supply fuel for medical staff.

As for the situation in Zliten - it’s still very dangerous and the people are terrified. The streets are full of Gadaffi’s men and they are terrorising the people.  No woman leaves her home AT ALL and it’s been like that for 8 days.  Men who venture out face a long interrogation about where and why they are moving and sometimes they are taken away.

The situation regarding children in Tripoli.  Many children are suffering mentally and many wake in the night, screaming.