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Jun 4

Live call from Nafusa Mountains, June 3

June 3, 2011, 10.45 pm : LPC call from Nafusa Mountains, update on the current military and humanitarian situation in the area, recorded live on Libya Alhurra.

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Part 2:

May 28

Live call from Nafusa Mountains, May 28

May 28, 8 pm local time : caller from Zintan, Nafusa Mountains, describing the current humanitarian crisis in the area, recorded live on Libya Alhurra.

May 27

Live call from Zintan, May 27 2011

May 27, 2011, 10.40 local time: update from Zintan, report on the current situation in the city and the Nafusa Mountains area, recorded on Libya Alhurra.

Part 1:

Part 2:

May 25

Live call from Zintan Media Center, May 25

May 25 2011, 7.40 pm local time: live call from Zintan in English about the ongoing situation in the Nafusa Mountains.

May 24

Gaddafi Soldier Gives Himself Up in Zintan and Speaks Out For Revolutionaries

May 23, 2011 - Zintan:

Listen to Audio

Translation bywafaa

Summary: One of the first Gaddafi soldiers who gave himself up to Zintan speaks out and states his support for the revolutionaries


Peace, mercy and God bless you,
I wish I had been fighting with them and not against them in Zintan,
I wish I had never come,
and I wish I had died in the middle of the road on my way to Zintan.
I wish I had denied all the lies of Gaddafi.

I came to Zintan not of my will,
I held arms against the so-called rats,
I wish I wish, but Arabs like us don’t worship the devil…
I’ve seen the shelling on the houses,
I’ve seen injustice, cruelty, massacres,
people dying, injured,
people aching, suffering…

I laid my arms down and walked away,
My steps led me to a yard where people helped me.
That is the God’s will.
They explained to me that it was all the lies of Gaddafi,
and encouraged me join the revolutionaries in Zintan.

I decided to do it and I did it.
May God grant them victory against Muammar the tyrant.
In the name of people who died,
in the name of dead,
and the name of the suffering,
May God give them justice!
And I hope that everyone who suffered pain or death can forgive me.

May 20

Live call from Nafusa Mountains, May 20

May 20 2011, 10:10 pm: report from Nafusa Mountains, Libya, recorded live on Libya Alhurra.

May 19

Live call from Nafusa Mountains, May 19 2011

May 19 2011, 10:15 local time: live report from Jadu, Nafusa Mountains, on the current situation in the area, recorded live on Libya Alhurra

Spanish translation courtesy of Albahak

Reportaje desde las montañas del Oeste – Nafusa, a las 22.15 horas

    Ultimos sucesos, hoy las fuerzas de los pro-Gadafis bombardean el Este de la montaña, Kaala, Yefren.

     Entre Yefren and Zintan fuerte combate, entre pros, revolucionarios y Otan, los pros intentan entrar Zintan, frenado el avance de los pros hacía sur de Zintan, hay heridos entre revolucionarios, una baja y mas heridos entre pros.

    Ayuda humanitaria sigue siendo un problema, Yefren Kaala y Kikla rodeados por pros, necesitan ayuda y solicitan a la Comunidad Internacional encontrar alguna forma de hacer llegar ayuda a estas zonas, las carreteras entre pueblos no son seguras por la presencia de los pros. No pueden llevar heridos al hospital, porque esta bajo el control de los pro-Gadafi en estas localidades. Los ayuntamientos de las mismas hacen el llamamiento solicitando ayuda humanitaria urgentemente, dadas las circunstancias antes mencionadas. 

    Los oyentes preguntan si la frontera con Tunez esta bajo control de los revolucionarios y es segura?

    -Estan seguras de momento, pero los pros no estan lejos.

    ¿Los bombardeos son indiscriminados? O tienen objetivos?


    ¿La Consejo Nacional Interino (NTC) en Nefusa esta en contacto directo con la Otan?

    -No, estan en contacto con NTC en benghazi

    ¿Como se puede hacer llegar ayuda?

    -Desde tierra será una misión difícil, zona montañosa, los pros escondidos. Los caminos no seguros, desde el aire quizas.

    ¿Han notado progresos en golpes de Otan?

    -Entre Yefren y Zintan no mucho, zona importante para poder hacer llegar ayuda humanitaria, Otan podria intensificar presencia en este lugar.

    ¿Hay uso de armas quimicas?

    -De momento no. 

    Fin de informe a las 22.29 horas

May 17

Live call from Nafusa Mountains, May 17

May 17, 2011, 10.30 pm : live report from Jadu, Nafusa Mountains, on the current humanitarian and military situation in the area, recorded live on Libya Alhurra.

Jadu Hospital report from Dr Majdob, May 17, 2011

May 17, 2011, 4 pm local time: full report from Nafusa Mountains by Dr. Majdob, assessing the current situation in Jadu and surrounding area.

Shortage of staff:

I called Jadu hospital yesterday and they have a problem with shortage of staff. The only surgeon has left the place and practically none of the nurses is working now. There are a few physicians there but no surgeon. And the nursing staff is short, as most of them are Libyan girls and they live outside the city, so most don’t come to the hospital and may have already fled to Tunisia.

The surgeon is Ukranian and he basically just disappeared last week. They have been trying to contact him for the last week with out any luck, and he is not in his house either. We hope that he is safe. He was the last Ukrainian doctor in Jadu. Now there are only two Egyptian doctors who work in general medicine, with the help of 3 Libyan volunteer doctors (2 were working in Libya, 1 came from North America), and there is an anaesthetist and 2 volunteers in ob&gynaecology. They are also looking for a radiology technician.

But Jadu tries to work with Zintan hospital as one group, as it has become extremely difficult to run the hospital with limited staff. They said the road between the two hospitals is safe now but as you know the situation is rapidly changes.


Regarding equipment, if you are taking about radiology, they had one x-ray machine, that’s all. If you are talking about all other equipment. there is a need for biochemistry analyser and portable defibraloter and autoclave.

Medical aid:

Jadu received an ambulance car and a few instruments recently.  In Zintan they had 3 (ambulances) so far and may be another 2 are on the way. And on the other hand they said Jadu had been attacked yesterday.

General situation in the region, fatalities:

Regarding the safety issue in the area, they said the way from the border to Zintan is in the hands of FF but GF are still bombing it from time to time. But overall the FF have the upper hand in the area, apart from Yefren where the city is still in the hands of GF. I’ve heard about clashes and attacks by GF near Wazin. I hear that there are at least 3 fatalities, from the FF, and actually two of them are from Jadu. There are also heavy missile attacks west of Zintan, by NATO. And they also reported that a Tunisian solider was injured today after Gaddafi missiles landed in Tunisian land.

From contacting people in Libya now, I get that they strongly believe it’s a matter of days before he will be gone. In Tripoli the number of Gaddafi-supporter check points has significantly dropped, and there have been a few occasions where these points have been attacked. So, we are all hoping that the good news is nearing.

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