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Aug 14

AJA Reporting from Zawiya - 8/14/2011 - English Translation

August 14, 2011 - AlJazerra Arabic:

Translation by Wafaa:

El Zawiya is not fully under Freedom Fighters control.  We can say that the half (southern part) is under full Freedom Fighters control, but in the northern part still there are in some areas and streets Freedom Fighters and are trying to comb and clean the city of Ghaddafi troops.  In the northern there are street fights between Ghaddafi troops and Freedom Fighters.  Every few minutes, we see passing (transferring) here a wounded or a martyr.  Since the morning there are at least 8 Freedom Fighters martyrs and approximately 15 wounded due to fights in the residential areas.  Ghaddafi troops are especially in the eastern north of the city (in the way to Tripoli) and in the north west area of the city, in El Zawiya refinery area.  Freedom Fighters are trying to besiege Ghaddafi troops in these areas, while hawn misssiles are shelled from time to time on Freedom Fighters in the area behind me which is the middle area of El Zawiya.  As I told you before, street fights, clashes and fights with snipers are going on with the remaining Ghaddafi troops that are besieged in the residential areas.  Some of El Zawiya people are still besieged also in these areas because the Freedom Fighters could reach them and liberate them yet, but in these areas though the El Zawiya Freedom Fighters are there and are in permanent communication of the Freedom Fighters who are in the middle of city and they are trying to help the people besieged as much as they can.

There are many fronts that they have been opened today to reduce the pressure on El Zawiya fights and to help more to besiege Ghaddafi troops.  Serman and Sebrata and Freedom Fighters made good advances on these fronts, especially that they have passed Khuweyldi area.  And  maybe in few hours Serman and Sebrata will be liberated.  El Zawiya is getting reinforcements and all the other fronts have been opened to reduce the pressure on El Zawiya.  We see here coming reinforcements from the west mountains.  Vehicles, arms and hundred  of fighters coming to help El Zawiya and to liberate El Zawiya completely.