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Aug 21

Sky’s Special Correspondent Under Sniper Fire in Mayah

August 21, 2011 - Alex Crawford, Sky News:

Sky’s Special Correspondent Alex Crawford comes under sniper fire in Mayah on the road from Zawiyah to Tripoli, whilst reporting on the Libyan rebel advance on the capital.

Aug 19

Libya: Rebels Take Martyr Square in Zawiyah

August 20, 2011 - Alex Crawford, Sky News - Zawiyah:

A fresh assault with new supplies of weapons and ammunition, witnessed by Sky News, led them to taking back the square, prompting jubilation.

The victory puts the rebels on the brink of retaking the town which is close to Colonel Gaddafi’s stronghold.

Celebratory gunfire rang out across the area and delighted rebels circled the square in their cars.

Torn uniforms of Gaddafi soldiers were strewn on the ground as well as traditional Libyan flags - a symbol of the regime - which had been ripped down.

The successful assault comes around five months after the town first managed to break free from the control of Gaddafi loyalist fighters.

Control of the strategically important spot will restrict supply routes for Gaddafi forces, as Zawiyah is located between Tripoli and Tunisia.

Aug 17

VIdeo - Liberation of Prison in Surman

August 14, 2011 - Surman:

Translation by Wafaa:

Tonight to Tripoli.  Tonight to Tripoli.  You are no more prisoners.  You are good persons.  Good persons.  Here is the province of Surman.  Ramadan.  The date  August 14, 2011.  We thank God.  You are safe my brothers.  Good people of Surman.  You are free, you are innocent.  Good people of Surman.  God is great.  Raise your heads. God is great.  Here is the prison of Surman.  Raise your head man.  Here is the province of Surman.  The day of the prisonners liberation in Surman.  God is great.  The revolutionists of EL Rayne is liberating the prisonners of Surman.  My brothers.  One of the prisonners: I have been captured in Tunisia, in the port of Jerjis.  Raise your heads.  Takbir (means say god is great )  Prisoners say: God is great.

Aug 14

AJA Reporting from Zawiya - 8/14/2011 - English Translation

August 14, 2011 - AlJazerra Arabic:

Translation by Wafaa:

El Zawiya is not fully under Freedom Fighters control.  We can say that the half (southern part) is under full Freedom Fighters control, but in the northern part still there are in some areas and streets Freedom Fighters and are trying to comb and clean the city of Ghaddafi troops.  In the northern there are street fights between Ghaddafi troops and Freedom Fighters.  Every few minutes, we see passing (transferring) here a wounded or a martyr.  Since the morning there are at least 8 Freedom Fighters martyrs and approximately 15 wounded due to fights in the residential areas.  Ghaddafi troops are especially in the eastern north of the city (in the way to Tripoli) and in the north west area of the city, in El Zawiya refinery area.  Freedom Fighters are trying to besiege Ghaddafi troops in these areas, while hawn misssiles are shelled from time to time on Freedom Fighters in the area behind me which is the middle area of El Zawiya.  As I told you before, street fights, clashes and fights with snipers are going on with the remaining Ghaddafi troops that are besieged in the residential areas.  Some of El Zawiya people are still besieged also in these areas because the Freedom Fighters could reach them and liberate them yet, but in these areas though the El Zawiya Freedom Fighters are there and are in permanent communication of the Freedom Fighters who are in the middle of city and they are trying to help the people besieged as much as they can.

There are many fronts that they have been opened today to reduce the pressure on El Zawiya fights and to help more to besiege Ghaddafi troops.  Serman and Sebrata and Freedom Fighters made good advances on these fronts, especially that they have passed Khuweyldi area.  And  maybe in few hours Serman and Sebrata will be liberated.  El Zawiya is getting reinforcements and all the other fronts have been opened to reduce the pressure on El Zawiya.  We see here coming reinforcements from the west mountains.  Vehicles, arms and hundred  of fighters coming to help El Zawiya and to liberate El Zawiya completely.

Report on The Liberation of Gheryan

August 13, 2011:

Translation by Wafaa:

They are advancing on all axes.  Concerning Gheryan, there is a big improvement today.  Some of the previous info was very optimistic.  I’d like to be specific on details  : today.  Gheryan -  Freedom Fighters  entered  el Qawasim area through the road el Hamra, which it leads to Qawassim from Gitiif, and they liberated fully el Qawassim.  EL Qawassim is the first area, coming from Tripoli to Gheryan.  Freedom Fighters are combing the area.  There is some bombing now and Ghaddafi troops that are in ghass in the middle of Gheryan are bombing to prevent Freedom Fighters of advancing to them.  There are also some Ghaddafi troops in another axe in Bourchada area bombing the Freedom Fighters, trying to prevent them from advancing to the middle of the city.  We are positive that FF will succeed to liberate Gheryan completely.  The people of gheryan are supporting and joined Freedom Fighters.  The Freedom Fighters are advancing from el Qawassim with heavy weapons toward Ghassat the middle of Gheryan.  All the battalions (Sahban and the 8th battalion ) willl be completely destructed.  I appeal to all the Libyans in the battalions to surrender and save their lives because there is no way out and don’t suicide for the sake of the tyrant.  That will end very soon.  Return to your families.

Personal Account of Algerian Fleeing Tripoli in February

August 13, 2011 - Personal account received by Libya Alhurra:

On Sunday 20th of Feb 2011 I was teaching in Tripoli.  I finished my classes at 8 00 pm. I was approached by three men in military uniforms, and I was asked to go with them. They called me by my name and were friendly and assured me that they needed my help and that I was recommended.  I got into the car ( a gray Hyundai Sonata 2011 with no licence plates).  They told me that they will drive me home and on the way they kept giving me details about my life, my parents’ details, jobs, where I’m from originally, my best friends’ names, cars, my cars details, where I hang around and that when I thought i would never see daylight because I knew how the system works there, I was told that I have lived in Libya and its time to pay back or give back the favour.  I was told to go home and get ready to leave the next day to destination they would tell me about the next day, they told me it was time i became a Libyan resident as i have lived 25 years there as well as being born in Tripoli. I had to get a personal photo to put on the Libyan ID they were gonna give me the next day, and they gave me an envelope with 2000 Libyan dinars to give to my parents.

I refused to take the money. I kept saying let me think about it, and the man at the back seat next to me who appeared to be the highest ranked among them told me that this would be considered high treason. They dropped me home.  That night I couldnt sleep, eat or talk to anyone, knowing that they are surveilling the phone lines, I even thought about going to the Algerian embassy but then they are pro-Gadaffi and they would deliver me on a silver plate to the Libyan army.  The next day, in the morning, they were waiting for me and from their behaviour I realized that someone I knew recommended me because they were acting nicer than they are supposed to.  They asked to get into the car and took me to Mitiga airport.  On the way they asked me about my language skills and that I just have to translate to some construction workers in Ajdabya what to do.  When we got to Mitiga airport, they blind-folded me and I was driven to “Mathaba Thowrya”  where his millitias prove their loyalty, and thats where I got traumatized.  I’m sure it was in “ain zara” area in Musa Kusa’s office buildings.  I was taken to an office and asked for my clothes sizes and shoe size, and in the other offices I could hear screaming.  I told the officer that I’m not a soldier and that I can’t carry weapons because I was a coward and that I can’t even see blood or I’ll faint.  The officer changed tone and slapped me and I was dragged by two officers to a cell where there were a lot of men CRYING from pain.  One of them was Algerian and told me the offer, you should give in your passport, they handle you 500 euros and an AK47 with 6 magazines, you get in a Toyota Tundra with another foreigner and two Libyan soldiers, the driver MUST be Libyan, you get 100 LYD for every “traitor” you gun down and 300 LYD if you capture him alive.  If a patrol manages to get more than 15 cadavers they give you 2000 LYD bonus.  I was taken back to the office after a few hours and another officer showed me a small safe with hundreds of thousands of Euros.  He told me that I can be a respected citizen with a rank and insurance and other privileges.  I kept repeating that I’m not a soldier and I kept mentioning powerful family names to show that I’m well connected.  He completely ignored all I said saying.

I was driven home, and on the way I kept trying to convince the officers in the car to take me out of this mess.  The one in the back seat got really angry and started hitting me with a taser, telling me that we foreigners are dogs and we know nothing but taking Libyan money.  When we got to my area the driver told me to be there at 8 00 am sharp and if I don’t my family will disappear, so i went home.  I didn’t inform anyone I packed a backpack and got to a friend’s home in the airport road.  I hid in his house for three days, and after a week I left Libya with help from airport officers to go past the thousands of millitias around.  The mercenaries were not brought from abroad, they chose foreigners who speak Libyan perfectly and cant be noticed as not.  As I mentioned you give in your passport, and get paid 500 euros as an engagement payment, 100 lyd for every head and 300 lyd for getting one alive.  I met a man called Mohamed Hnish and he is the son of Gadaffis driver and he asked me to join them 2 days before I left, so the details are confirmed, and with every city that falls they execute those mercenaries to get rid of evidence.

Aug 13

AlJazeera Arabic Reporting from Zawiya - English Translation

August 13, 2011 - AlJazeera from Zawiya:

Mohamad  Azim (AJA):

Translation by Wafaa:

The Freedom Fighters didn’t expect that the Ghaddafi troops would break down that quickly.  Information came that Ghaddafi troops were breaking down and the Freedom Fighters were advancing quickly.  The plan wasn’t to advance today to el Zawiya, but the info the Freedom Fighters got about Ghaddafi troops retreating and withdrawing and no intention to face the Freedom Fighters.  We are now in the eastern streets of  el Zzawiya.  Here behind me is the bridge.  The bridge is Beyr el Ghanam.  Behind this bridge for 200 metees is the Martyr Square of el Zawiya.  Freedom Fighters didn’t allow us to go there.  They said they are combing the area.  There are Ghaddafi troops are still in some streets northeastern of el Zawiya.

There are Freedom Fighters in the north areas too.  There are some of them in the top of buildings as snipers.  Briefly 70 percent of el Zawiya is under the control of Freedom Fighters.  No real info about the remaining Ghaddafi troops.  As i said before, the Ghaddafi troops broke down in outskirts of Ben she3eb city, retreated to el Zawiya , then to el Sharkiya (east axe) especially after that Ghaddafi troops got info that FF are advancing on different axes.  They overpassed Khoweldi,  advancing now toward Serman and Sebrata and now they are in the area 60 after they overpass Wadi el7ay, in a distance of 60 km of Tripoli.

We have important info that Gheryan rose from the inside and joined the Freedom Fighters and that Ghaddafi troops have broken down in Gheryan and Assab3a.  In the area, reinforcements are getting from the west mountains.  We can’t get there now because it is about 100km far unfortunately.

The Freedom Fighters confirmed to us that before dawn el Zawiya will be completely liberated because the remaining Ghaddafi troops are in a very weak position.  They don’t know really where to go.  They are hiding in buildings.  What we see now is that the Freedom Fighters are in a great position now and reinforcements are coming.   

Jul 7

Tripoli - Sheik Sadeg Gheryani - Fatwa for People to NOT Pray at Green Square

July 7, 2011 - Tripoli:

Tripoli - Sheik Sadeg Gheryani - Fatwa for People to NOT Pray at Green Square    

English translation by Wafaa:

Sheikh Sadek el Gheryani fatwa concerning Ghaddafi’s intention to close the mosques of Tripoli on Friday, and asking the people of Tripoli  to pray in the martyrs square in the center of Tripoli:

"On the name of God the question is…Ghaddafi regime media in Libya are forcing people to join fake supportive demonstrations for Ghaddafi.  The ways are many.  The last is Ghaddafi ordered to close all the mosques in Tripoli this Friday, preventing people praying in the mosques, and forcing people to pray in the Martyr’s Square on Friday.  And then forcing them to join a supportive demonstration to him.  The question is: it is permissible to pray that way?  Is it permissible instead to pray in the houses. I will  answer this question.  Closure of mosques and preventing people to pray in the mosques is one of the biggest sins. And God says, who is preventing people to pray in god places is like destroying these places.  And the prayer in the public square that way, with the closure of the mosques, is not legal religion-wise.  People should not attend this square for fake demonstrations.  People who could go out and pray outside Tripoli is ok and for the others who can’t it is permissible to pray in the houses.  It is permissible not to pray in mosques in cases such as if it will result in negative effects (damage) on personal and public.  And here in this case to attend the public square will result of  negative effect  (damage) on the public.  Salam.

Jul 5

Call for rallies across Libya in support of Tripoli

Tripoli Revolutionary Speaks: Eyewitness Account of Pro-Gaddafi Rally.

English transcription:

I don’t know how to start, except to say that no willingness or strength except with Allah.

Because unfortunately….I am not upset about the protest nor his speech that he the crazy psycho made speaking from a hole. But because unfortunately Gaddafi was successful in causing uproar even if it is in the level of facebook, because yesterday I saw comments about the people of Tripoli, disagreeable comments about them.

First of all, first the people that demonstrated are around 30,000. When we got out [at the beginning of the events] our number was far larger, then he was shooting at us. The people that demonstrated for him couldn’t fill the river stadium.

People of Tripoli hate Gaddafi the most, not just today or yesterday but for 42 years. Because 50-60 years ago before there was even oil, Tripoli was organized, there was mail, there were buses. We didn’t have the G lookalikes, who came in the 70’s during “the home is for whoever lives in it” [a law the permitted people to live in other people’s property] so they took our homes and land.

People of Tripoli demonstrated but he planned for its people. If you look at Benghazi, a city of about 1 million people, he had only one battalion, in Tajura, one area of Tripoli he has 27 places between battalions and military bases.

How are people of Tripoli going to demonstrate, they demonstrated and faced bullets with our naked chests and people died. We have more martyrs that in any other city, people detained from this city are more than any other place.

How can you say that people of Tri are not brave? What you are saying depresses us more than we are already depressed. Tripoli is occupied and depressed and morale is very low. We need moral support, we are in this revolution, helping however they can. I want people to know that people of Tripoli are against Gaddafi and this is not just today or yesterday, we were always against him and any educated person is against him.

This crowd wasn’t manipulated, this crowd gathered because he bought his mob from all over Libya and put them in one place. It shows that he is a state of desperation. He did this for the foreigners, he knows Libyans will not be fooled. He did this to give the impression that his people love him. If he thinks his people love him, why doesn’t he let us demonstrate and he will see who loves him and who us against him.

You will see the crowds in Tripoli. And to all our people, don’t worry. Tripoli needs one thing …Tripoli needs weapons, so it will be a fair war. Because otherwise it will be suicide and people of Tripoli have been martyred, the rest detained, they have been raped, robbed and our psychological state is terrible. For example I managed to leave Tripoli and I can follow the news and see videos. You couldn’t imagine when I was inside Tripoli and there was neither internet nor phones.

I hope our families ignore the divisions that G is trying to create. In his protest, there wasn’t a single sign that mentioned people of Tripoli, the signs all had people from other places like Mashaysha, Warfalla, Tarhouna, etc. I call that next Friday people from Tripoli outside and all Libyans to demonstrate in all the freed areas.

People from Tubrok to Ajdabyia, all people abroad should protest, we need to show the world that people of Libya are 95% against Gaddafi. We acknowledge he has some supports, they are uneducated people, we can’t forget that Gaddafi purposely destroyed education, he destroyed it since 1976 and he killed and killed the students that told him not to destroy education, and he made people ignorant and when people are ignorant they will not know better, they will think anything you will tell them is right.

A message to people with him, we are fighting for freedom and dignity, and you are fighting for one man, a tyrant, a psycho, who destroyed you and destroyed the country.

And for revolutionaries I want to remind you that our enemy is one and he is the criminal Gaddafi.

Jul 4

Request for Help from Garda Sabha

July 3, 2011 - Garda Sabha:

عاجل الرجاء التعميم: اتصال مباشر ألآن من أسود ميدان المعركة في القرضة سبها، دخل مجموعة من كتائب القذافي من القذاذفة إلى ميدان القرضة يهتفون يا فزازنة يا جرذان ويعيرون الفزازنة الشرفاء الأصليين بأصلهم الحر، شاهرين الأسلحة في وجوه أهل القرضة من شرفاء السبيحات وأولاد سهل فما كان من رجال القرضة إلا الرد بالرصاص على الرصاص فسقط إثنان قتلى …من الكتائب وأربعة أخذوا على الفور إلى المستشفى للعلاج، ولا يزال أهل القرضة يناشدون المناطق المجاورة في سبها وأوباري والشاطئ وغات والكفرة بالتعاضد معهم لأسقاط القذافي قبل أن تتحول سبها إلى الزاوية الثانية أو تصبح سبها مدينة اشباح مثلما حصل في مصراته الثائرة حينما غزاها المرتزقة

Translation by Wafaa:

Flash: On call from the lions of the battlefield in El Garda Sabha.  Ghaddafi troops entered El Garda area, shouting and insulting the people of Garda, and saying congratulations to them.  The people of Garda opened fire on them ad killed 2 of them and 4 injured.  Garda is appealing for the surrounding area in Sebha; Oubari, the coast Gat Kufra to join them to fight Ghaddafi troops before it turned to be a new Zawiya or what happened to Misrata when Ghaddafi troops invaded it.

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