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Jul 5

Call for rallies across Libya in support of Tripoli

Tripoli Revolutionary Speaks: Eyewitness Account of Pro-Gaddafi Rally.

English transcription:

I don’t know how to start, except to say that no willingness or strength except with Allah.

Because unfortunately….I am not upset about the protest nor his speech that he the crazy psycho made speaking from a hole. But because unfortunately Gaddafi was successful in causing uproar even if it is in the level of facebook, because yesterday I saw comments about the people of Tripoli, disagreeable comments about them.

First of all, first the people that demonstrated are around 30,000. When we got out [at the beginning of the events] our number was far larger, then he was shooting at us. The people that demonstrated for him couldn’t fill the river stadium.

People of Tripoli hate Gaddafi the most, not just today or yesterday but for 42 years. Because 50-60 years ago before there was even oil, Tripoli was organized, there was mail, there were buses. We didn’t have the G lookalikes, who came in the 70’s during “the home is for whoever lives in it” [a law the permitted people to live in other people’s property] so they took our homes and land.

People of Tripoli demonstrated but he planned for its people. If you look at Benghazi, a city of about 1 million people, he had only one battalion, in Tajura, one area of Tripoli he has 27 places between battalions and military bases.

How are people of Tripoli going to demonstrate, they demonstrated and faced bullets with our naked chests and people died. We have more martyrs that in any other city, people detained from this city are more than any other place.

How can you say that people of Tri are not brave? What you are saying depresses us more than we are already depressed. Tripoli is occupied and depressed and morale is very low. We need moral support, we are in this revolution, helping however they can. I want people to know that people of Tripoli are against Gaddafi and this is not just today or yesterday, we were always against him and any educated person is against him.

This crowd wasn’t manipulated, this crowd gathered because he bought his mob from all over Libya and put them in one place. It shows that he is a state of desperation. He did this for the foreigners, he knows Libyans will not be fooled. He did this to give the impression that his people love him. If he thinks his people love him, why doesn’t he let us demonstrate and he will see who loves him and who us against him.

You will see the crowds in Tripoli. And to all our people, don’t worry. Tripoli needs one thing …Tripoli needs weapons, so it will be a fair war. Because otherwise it will be suicide and people of Tripoli have been martyred, the rest detained, they have been raped, robbed and our psychological state is terrible. For example I managed to leave Tripoli and I can follow the news and see videos. You couldn’t imagine when I was inside Tripoli and there was neither internet nor phones.

I hope our families ignore the divisions that G is trying to create. In his protest, there wasn’t a single sign that mentioned people of Tripoli, the signs all had people from other places like Mashaysha, Warfalla, Tarhouna, etc. I call that next Friday people from Tripoli outside and all Libyans to demonstrate in all the freed areas.

People from Tubrok to Ajdabyia, all people abroad should protest, we need to show the world that people of Libya are 95% against Gaddafi. We acknowledge he has some supports, they are uneducated people, we can’t forget that Gaddafi purposely destroyed education, he destroyed it since 1976 and he killed and killed the students that told him not to destroy education, and he made people ignorant and when people are ignorant they will not know better, they will think anything you will tell them is right.

A message to people with him, we are fighting for freedom and dignity, and you are fighting for one man, a tyrant, a psycho, who destroyed you and destroyed the country.

And for revolutionaries I want to remind you that our enemy is one and he is the criminal Gaddafi.

Jun 26

LPC call: current situation in Tripoli

June 26, 2011: LPC with relative newly arrived in Tunisia

Today, 26/6, the border from Libya to Tunisia is open once again. This following 2 days of total chaos. As of the present time, no reason has been given for the closure.

Regarding the situation in Tripoli, it is generally considered the situation cannot continue for much longer. Finally, the fear has turned to anger. The nightly skirmishes have over the past week, become more violent and have spread to more areas.

When asked about the recent NATO strikes in Tripoli and Surman, our contact replied that the whole story has not been reported by journalists in the media. It would appear the house in which 5 civilians died was not the intended target. Behind the house shown in the media is another house which is occupied by someone very close to Saaif Al Islam Gaddafi and he is known to have frequented the premises on a regular basis. Most people in Tripoli agree the damage to the house shown to the media was caused by the blast from the intended target (which was completely destroyed).

As for the strike on the compound of homes and buildings in Surman, despite Gaddafi’s claims that it was of no military significance, it is generally agreed amongst the people that it was indeed an important command and control centre. Most significant point of interest regarding this strike, however, is that according to very good sources, Gadaffi himself WAS at the compound at a time just prior to the attack and missed it by LESS THAN 5 MINUTES!

Most ppl in Tripoli are saying they expect the ICC to delay the warrants for another 7 - 10 days to give Gaddafi one last ditch attempt to get out. If he doesn’t, they hope NATO will go in and get him. We asked if people would be upset about boots on the ground and he replied ‘why would we be upset? Most people have been expecting and hoping for them for weeks!’

May 22

A Libyan mother: Who are the millions that you live in their hearts, Colonel?

May 21, 2011:

See Original in Arabic

English Transation by Wafaa:

Who are the millions whose hearts you live in, Colonel?
(I live in the hearts of millions)

What millions are you talking about, are you delusional?

Are they the Libyan people you are talking about, or just the species nesting in your imagination?  Are they the Libyans that you killed several times and executed by shooting and hanging in the holy month of Ramadan, and the university students that you executed in their unversities and colleges, where each student was executed according to his major: engineering students in the courtyard of Engineering Faculty, science students executed in the courtyard of the Faculty of Science, or the victims that you have arrested and killed over the past 42 years?  What millions are you talking about, O killer? The young people you killed in the city stadium during the game between the “Al Ahli”  and  “Al Ithad” teams?  Or the children of Benghazi that you injected with HIV? Or the victims of the Libyan plane which was taking off from Benghazi to Tripoli, when you killed everyone on board?

You say you live in the hearts of millions of Libyans, you delusional idiot! In what hearts? The hearts of the 1200 martyrs, that you killed in the Abu Slim prison, during two of the most awful hours in Libya’s history? Or in the hearts of people you have promised eternal wealth and housing, land, loans and subsidies, that none of them benefited from, and who died waiting? Did you mean the believers of the Book of Allah, that you bombed with aircrafts in the green mountains? Or in the hearts of the victims of rapes, massacres and genocide that you carried out in Ajdabiya, Misurata and Tripoli, the Western mountains and Azoara, in every Libyan city that rose up for freedom and faced you?

Do you think that all these victims have no parents? Or are they not Libyans? You thug! We want to know one thing - who are these Libyans whose hearts you live in? You asked us one day: who are you? And here is our answer: we are all these victims that you convinced yourself their hearts you live in. And where you are hiding in!

Colonel, you do not live in the heart of any of the Libyan people, the only place that you are hiding in is underground, where you are living with disgusting worms. There is no place ever for you in the hearts of Libyans. You are dreaded. Stay underground! Where you will tremble with fear and beg for mercy. The same fear in the voices of all the people you imprisoned, murdered and threatened. Nobody will have pity on you or sympathize, except some ignorant people that you brought up in the revolutionary committees.

O coward, it is too late. You and your children left Bab el Aziziyah, and your guns have run out of bullets. Your last shot should be fired on your head, but you dont have that - the courage of the other criminal leaders. It’s your end. You will collapse, and you will be covered with dust, buried with the cowards. Nobody will see your grave or pray for mercy for you. No one in Libya. After you go to your eternal hell, the souls of the martyrs will fly happily in the sky of our beloved Libya, and all mothers will be content of the martyrdom and victory.
6:56 AM
Libyan Mother May 21, 2011

Apr 27

Apr 24

Apr 22

Study reports widespread rape in Libya by Gaddafi forces

English translation:

I want to defer to a very important topic, following our news sources on watch, received moments ago. There are regions like in Misrata, in El Ramaylat and El Kufra. There are women in these regions who were raped by Gaddafi’s forces, his soldiers, and mercenaries. There is the El Zewara family, one of the largest families in that region, city, in specific El Kufra. There are those women who were raped in front of their children, families and civilians. There are also news from the Human Rights Watch in Geneva that confirmed that those women who were raped by the soldiers, that those soldiers are infected with transmittable, notably, the AIDS and Hepatitis viruses. I want to elaborate more on this topic, with Dr. Sana Sigaiwa, who is a Professor, a specialist of Psychiatry at the Psychiatry Hospital in Bengahzi.

Q: Dr., can you confirm this news of these rape cases?

A: Yes, there are numerous cases, in numerous Libyan regions. In Benghazi, we conducted a psychological study for the Libyan families, these are families coming from Ijdabiyah, and Brega stretching from Saloom to Benghazi. There are about 100,000 families in the study, with an average of 8 individuals in each family. There are more than 235 documented cases. Now with regard to the lab results, for the HIV and Hepatitis viruses, they will take about a month to complete. We have about 4000 children affected by these atrocities, bombings, and the rapes which they have witnessed, of others and their mothers. Concerning the children and the elderly, they are extremely mentally traumatized. The study has not yet concluded and the results are not out yet.

Q: Dr., can you describe the events of the rapes committed by these soldiers?

A: These vary, per individual case, each women has her own story, some groups were taken to the desert and raped there, some were raped in front of their families, more than once, by more than one person. With regard to hallucinogens, nothing can be confirmed. Yet all of the women confirmed that it was Gaddafi’s forces who raped them.

Q: Dr., which regions would you say contain the most documented cases?

A: The study involves only Ijdabiyah and Brega, we have yet to know about the West, Misrata, Kufra, which is still under Gaddafi’s control. I am estimating thousands, the results will entail. We are a conservative Middle Eastern society, some don’t want to come forward, we tell them to talk, and that they don’t have to tell us their names, some have even withdrawn from the study, because of their extremely disturbed mental state.

Q: Dr., what would you like to say following the events and what has been committed by Gaddafi’s forces?

A: We are acting solely on humanitarian efforts, to help those in need. Yet, I have to say, that this is all unbelievable, it is very difficult to understand, what does he want? Does he want to scare people? How could he dishonor his own people? Because people won’t be, they’ve broken down the fear barrier. There is nothing more to say about this, no other way of describing this. It’s like we’re living in prehistoric times. Even the ment of religion need to lend their support, they have to send out fatwas, on this matter, emphasizing that husbands should not leave their wives and girls should go on to get married. These women are all victims of war, and they should be seen themselves as martyrs.

Apr 20

Apr 17

Apr 11

Voice from Tripoli: “Gaddafi is squeezing the people like a snake.”

Aryn Baker from Time magazine, currently located in Tripoli, gives us a rare insight into the hardships its inhabitants face, after managing to escape from his government minder and talking to a resident [emphasis added] :

"We hate Gaddafi," says a young I.T. engineer sipping espresso in Tripoli’s old souk. "But I don’t see how we are ever going to get rid of him." The engineer, whose name cannot be used for safety reasons, described an environment so oppressive and powerful that "sometimes I wonder if even thinking bad things about Gaddafi might get us into trouble.”

Indeed, even our conversation was fraught with danger. I had managed to slip away from my minder as I wandered the souk; the young engineer, having spied my escape, fell into step beside me and, staring straight ahead as we walked, asked if I thought I was getting the truth.

Cautiously I responded that it all depended on what the truth was. The persistent presence of minders and government goons had made me paranoid. “The truth is, they are killing us,” he said in an undertone. “Gaddafi is squeezing the people like a snake.” We twisted and turned through the small alleyways until we reached a café that he deemed safe enough for a continued conversation.

He told me he was envious of the young men and women of Egypt’s Tahrir square. In the first days of Libya’s protests, he had joined his friends in the streets. But then he saw three of his neighbors killed. Others simply disappeared. “There are snitches everywhere,” he said. "Even when you think you are among friends, people are listening to everything you say.” He had asked me to put away my notebook, for fear it was too obvious. Instead I tapped out our conversation on my I phone, hoping anyone watching would think I was playing a game.

I asked how he thought it would all end. He shook his head. “It won’t start from here,” he said, meaning Tripoli. “We are waiting for Benghazi.” By Benghazi, he meant the rebel held capital in the East. It has been a common refrain among Tripoli residents. Gaddafi’s power is simply too strong in Tripoli for any kind of organized resistance.

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Apr 9

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