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Jul 5

Call for rallies across Libya in support of Tripoli

Tripoli Revolutionary Speaks: Eyewitness Account of Pro-Gaddafi Rally.

English transcription:

I don’t know how to start, except to say that no willingness or strength except with Allah.

Because unfortunately….I am not upset about the protest nor his speech that he the crazy psycho made speaking from a hole. But because unfortunately Gaddafi was successful in causing uproar even if it is in the level of facebook, because yesterday I saw comments about the people of Tripoli, disagreeable comments about them.

First of all, first the people that demonstrated are around 30,000. When we got out [at the beginning of the events] our number was far larger, then he was shooting at us. The people that demonstrated for him couldn’t fill the river stadium.

People of Tripoli hate Gaddafi the most, not just today or yesterday but for 42 years. Because 50-60 years ago before there was even oil, Tripoli was organized, there was mail, there were buses. We didn’t have the G lookalikes, who came in the 70’s during “the home is for whoever lives in it” [a law the permitted people to live in other people’s property] so they took our homes and land.

People of Tripoli demonstrated but he planned for its people. If you look at Benghazi, a city of about 1 million people, he had only one battalion, in Tajura, one area of Tripoli he has 27 places between battalions and military bases.

How are people of Tripoli going to demonstrate, they demonstrated and faced bullets with our naked chests and people died. We have more martyrs that in any other city, people detained from this city are more than any other place.

How can you say that people of Tri are not brave? What you are saying depresses us more than we are already depressed. Tripoli is occupied and depressed and morale is very low. We need moral support, we are in this revolution, helping however they can. I want people to know that people of Tripoli are against Gaddafi and this is not just today or yesterday, we were always against him and any educated person is against him.

This crowd wasn’t manipulated, this crowd gathered because he bought his mob from all over Libya and put them in one place. It shows that he is a state of desperation. He did this for the foreigners, he knows Libyans will not be fooled. He did this to give the impression that his people love him. If he thinks his people love him, why doesn’t he let us demonstrate and he will see who loves him and who us against him.

You will see the crowds in Tripoli. And to all our people, don’t worry. Tripoli needs one thing …Tripoli needs weapons, so it will be a fair war. Because otherwise it will be suicide and people of Tripoli have been martyred, the rest detained, they have been raped, robbed and our psychological state is terrible. For example I managed to leave Tripoli and I can follow the news and see videos. You couldn’t imagine when I was inside Tripoli and there was neither internet nor phones.

I hope our families ignore the divisions that G is trying to create. In his protest, there wasn’t a single sign that mentioned people of Tripoli, the signs all had people from other places like Mashaysha, Warfalla, Tarhouna, etc. I call that next Friday people from Tripoli outside and all Libyans to demonstrate in all the freed areas.

People from Tubrok to Ajdabyia, all people abroad should protest, we need to show the world that people of Libya are 95% against Gaddafi. We acknowledge he has some supports, they are uneducated people, we can’t forget that Gaddafi purposely destroyed education, he destroyed it since 1976 and he killed and killed the students that told him not to destroy education, and he made people ignorant and when people are ignorant they will not know better, they will think anything you will tell them is right.

A message to people with him, we are fighting for freedom and dignity, and you are fighting for one man, a tyrant, a psycho, who destroyed you and destroyed the country.

And for revolutionaries I want to remind you that our enemy is one and he is the criminal Gaddafi.

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